Measure Your Size

Ring Size Guide

How do you know your ring size?

1. Get a soft string (not stretchable) and a marker pen.

2. Wrap the string around her finger on the knuckle, and do it not too tight or too loose.

3. Mark the string that crosses one another

4. Place to a ruler in mm.

You can know the circumferences of the ring and from here we can check the size.


Necklace Chain Size Guide

Handmado offer necklace chain length from 16'' - 24'' Inches. If you want sizes above 24'' inches, you can request for custom order. Please note that there will be an additiona cost depending on the length.



Clothing Sizes for Shirt, Sweater, Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Tank and Kid's Wear.


Men Clothing Size Chart

Women Clothing Size Chart

 Kid Clothing Size Chart