Top 7 Unique Handmade Skull Jewelry Pieces To Wear for Halloween 2018

In a few weeks, it is going to be Halloween and costume parties are usually the rave of the moment during this period. If you would like to make a statement with your costume this time, then this article is exactly what you need.

Here are a number of handmade skull jewelry pieces to help you stand out this Halloween:


 Octopus Skull Ring

This handmade crafted jewelry, featuring a combination of skull and octopus is known to represent power, confidence and intelligence. The Octopus skull ring, inspired by a tattoo, showcases two of the most mysterious items ever known.

The Octopus is known to connote sea power and intelligence while the skull symbolizes the mystery of human life. A mix of these two gives off an air of confidence, beauty and character. This ring is certain to get you a ton of compliments this Halloween.



Anatominal Heart Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring can be traced back to the ancient village of Claddagh, a small area located in Ireland. These rings were originally worn here as a sign of marital commitment and love. This Claddagh Ring is different from the original Claddagh Ring because we include element of the underworld like skull and human heart.

This ring takes the form of skeleton hands, grasping a hand carved anatomical heart and it is ideally adorned with the appearance of a silver crown, to give off an air of a modern Claddagh. This piece of art, is a perfect blend of ancient Celtic tradition in a modern mix and it is perfect for Halloween!



Skull and Rose Ring

The skull and rose ring has a definite air of duality. This unique handmade skull jewelry has two diverse yet complementary meanings. The skull on one hand represents the end of life, while the rose represents the beginning of a new life and all round beauty.

If you believe death actually comes from life, you might as well rock this jewelry, this Halloween and create that air of sophistication around yourself!

Skull and Women kissing Ring

It is never easy to let go of loved ones when they die. Little wonder a day was set aside to remember them each year, the Halloween’s day.

You can wear the skull and women kissing ring, to remind you of that special someone. This ring, features a human skull, being kissed by a very beautiful woman. Taking on this accessory is one way to show your friends that you have ghoulish yet glamorous style.


Raven Skull Ring

Ravens, from time immemorial, have always associated with death and negativity, but they can also be a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.

A raven skull ring provides the wearer with an air of mystery, complexity and sophistication. More so when it is handmade. What better way to stand out this Halloween?


Wolf and Skull Ring

Wolves are definitely one of the most misunderstood being in ancient folklore. They are often associated with fear and nightmares as a result of stories about the legend of werewolves. Ideally however, wolves represent leadership, bravery and protection. The skull in the mix just adds a bit of mystery to the jewelry.

This creative piece of art can be all shades of beautiful when properly pulled off!


Skull and Crossbones Ring

Do you want to channel your inner “Pirate” this Halloween? You should definitely go for a skull and crossbones ring. This ring screams danger, in a very subtle way and it is definitely a go-to accessory for individuals who want to tell the world that they live by their own rules. Pair this with a well put together pirate outfit and you could create the perfect Halloween costumes.


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Finally, skull jewelries are statement pieces; especially when they are handmade. They date back several centuries ago and have become an integral part of fashion. Give yourself a treat this Halloween and wear one of these unique pieces as they would definitely make you appear glamorous!