Top 5 Reasons Why Handmade Jewelry is the Perfect Gift



Ever wondered why handmade jewelry is always so unique and attractive? There is just something about handmade jewelry that always draws ones attention. Perhaps its the time, love and effort the artisan puts into the creation of each unique piece that gives it that special connection to the receiver. There are many great reasons to gift your loved ones with handmade jewelry but today i will be sharing with you the best 5 reasons.


★ Supporting the unique craft of a talented and dedicated artisan:

The artisans behind handmade jewelry are regular people looking to make a living from there unique craft.

Wherever you buy handmade jewelry, you are promoting the work of the artisan that created that unique piece. Unlike when you buy from large companies, you actually know where your money ends up and that it makes a difference to the artisan that created the jewelry. It feels very rewarding to know that your money was invested in a good cause as it helped support a talented artisan's business.


★ Materials

Most times large jewelry production companies tend to make their products with interior materials so as reduce production cost. This is never the case with handmade jewelry as the materials used in creating them are always of excellent quality because they were handpicked and sourced by the artisans from the most reliable dealers. They also carefully determine what materials are best for each piece and ensure that its in good condition to serve its desired propose.


★ Absence of production machinery:

Just like everything made in a factory, factory manufactured jewelry tends to have flaws that night not get noticed as it was produced in bulk. This will rarely happen for your handmade jewelry because as the name implies, they are made uniquely by the hands of the artisans who pay very close attention to detail as they carry out the various operations like carving, soldering and trimming without the use of any production machinery. Each piece is carefully crafted to the desired taste of the artisan.



Handmade jewelry are are usually produced on a very small scale. All artisans seek perfection in every piece they create. This guarantees quality jewelry as the artisans put so much time, love and effort in the creation of each unique piece. They take so much pride in their craft and so ensure that each piece is made with materials of superior quality and crafted to their exact taste.


★ Uniqueness:

Most people tend to value handmade jewelry as a gift to jewelry manufactured in factories. This is because unlike jewelry made in companies for the general public every piece of handmade jewelry is unique in its own way and no two pieces of handmade jewelry are exactly identical. As a result of the uniqueness of handmade jewelry, people tend to notice them more than jewelry made for the entire public

It makes it really special to know you have just received a gift made specially for you and you alone will ever possess that piece.


Whatever the occasion for the gift, handmade jewelry are the perfect gifts to show your loved ones just how special they are to you. They are carefully and uniquely crafted with so much love and effort to make that loved one feel very special as the only owner of that piece of handmade jewelry.