[Shocking] I lost my wedding ring on the day of marriage...😂

It was shocking and it scared the shit out of me…

The initially excited couple had now become alarmed and weary.

Adam wanted to get into the water to retrieve the ring but the staff advised him against it. He had just proposed to his girlfriend Lorraine, but unfortunately, the proposal ring fell off the edge of their cruise boat.

Adam was angry but he made sure not to point fingers at Lorraine.

It was still a special moment for them. But she had already started crying from the guilt of her mistake and the fact that she ruined the moment with her clumsiness.

In the midst of all the clumsiness, I decided to walk in and ease the atmosphere a little bit. It took a while before I could draw the attention of Adam, it took an even longer time before I could calm him down enough to listen to me.

When he finally did, I introduced myself…

‘Well hello Eugene, as you can see I am kind of in a mess right now. What do you want?’

‘I know everything seems like a mess right now, and I’m sorry about that. But what if I told you that there was a solution to all of that’

‘And what might that be?’

‘It’s simple, I’m a jewelry designer with a wide selection of unique pieces that you can never imagine. I have alternative rings that could well replace the one that you lost.’

I now had his attention and that of Lorraine.

‘I have just the right ring for her. It has all the right features; perfect cut, the perfect weight, clarity, and color too’

‘So it’s a good ring?’

‘Most definitely’

A few minutes later we were skimming through the catalog, looking at the available rings as Lorraine’s expert perspective on jewelry guided us through the process.

The wide and unique selections make Lorraine start thinking of maybe they should get an alternative ring that perhaps personalized with a meaningful story behind.

The rest of their weekend cruise had a bittersweet feeling. They were still sore from losing the first ring, but they were optimistic that I was going to deliver.

When the package came the next day, the atmosphere was a lot more alive and it showed in their expressions.

Guess what… It’s a matching set of a simple proposal ring with a ‘coffee cup’ crafted in the middle as both of them first met at Starbucks 5 years ago.

Right there and then, he proposed to her again.

This time it was far from the edge of the yacht, they weren’t taking any chances. The staff gathered around as they watched them and clapped when she said yes.

The weekend getaway was restored and their moment of love was salvaged, all because of a simple act of kindness.

All because I was on the ground to deliver the perfect ring for them.

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