[Sad] I had screwed up taking my future wife to my ex's wedding...

I had screwed up taking my girlfriend to our first wedding together by going to an ex’s. When she found out, we were at the reception talking to another guest who spilled the beans we had dated back in high school.

To say the least, it broke my heart seeing her sad, confused and pissed at me.

Before this wedding, I had gone online to ring the shop. I knew this girl was the one for me, so I had been walking around with a jewelry box in my pocket all summer.

Now I was at the summer wedding of an ex-girlfriend while my current girlfriend was angry in a corner.

It was probably not the right time to propose...

but what better way than to make it up to her than to give her the ring of her dreams.

I had originally looked at other retailers, locally and online, and was stressing about the costs and designs of more elaborate and expensive diamond rings.

I struggled to imagine my girlfriend with them, a woman who seldom wore jewelry but was still feminine and elegant.

She had shown me the store, Handmado.com, where I bought the ring from, to hint at necklaces she’d like for a future gift; I later looked to the ring section alone.

The chevron pair of silver bands, I found on their website, were perfect. The thin petite silver ring would look perfect on her nimble ring finger and I liked the matching thicker band.

They reminded me of the crowns for a king and queen and I needed her to say “yes” to reign at my side.

So I got down on one knee at an ex’s wedding to propose to my beautiful girlfriend who couldn’t believe I had found a ring she had pinned to her Pinterest board from Handmado.com.

We got married and have a great life...

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