Jewelry Pieces for Nursing Graduation Gift Idea

The nursing career is a very important one. Little wonder nursing institutions put a lot of effort into training their students.  Every one who is determined to become a nurse, invests time, hard work and perseverance. This is why whoever makes it through ought to be celebrated, more so with a graduation gift, which will constantly remind them of what they chose to be and how important they are to the human race. These jewelry pieces are a great way to start.


Anesthesiologist Bracelet

  1. CRNA Anaesthesiologist Bracelet

This is a beautiful, handmade silver jewelry, considered very delicate. This bracelet will remind you of what you stand for as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and how important you are to the people you save every day. It is a symbol of your future in the medical field. Let it sit beautifully on your wrist on your big day.


Dental Tooth Ring

  1. Dentist tooth ring

Wear this ring, and you will never forget what you do to contribute to the health of people. It is a single band with the wisdom tooth on top. It signifies how strong you are to choose such a career and provide solution and relief to the needs of your patients.


Anatomical Heart Lariat Necklace

  1. Doctor Surgeon Anatomical Heart Necklace

This remarkable piece is virtually a real structure of the heart. You will literally feel your heart beat in synchrony with the arteries on the necklace. It compliments the wearer and accurately describes your efforts in one piece.


Nurse Practitioner Necklace

  1. Nurse Practitioner Necklace

What other piece of jewelry would suit a nurse practitioner other than a nurse practitioner necklace?. It bears images of a stethoscope and a heart connected to each other. This necklace is certain  to help you work with warmth towards your patients.


Radiologist Technologist Necklace

  1. Radiologist Technologist Necklace

If this is your  career, then you would need an exquisite symbol to accompany you in your daily activities. It is an exceptional neck piece with the x-ray or radiation symbol. This Necklace will serve you well in your dedication to work as a radiologic technologist.


Registered Nurse Medical Necklace

  1. Registered Nurse Necklace

This stethoscope and registered nurse initials necklace is a perfect gift for registered nurses during their graduation. It comes in different colors and compliments the looks of a registered nurse. The necklace is very comfortable to wear, and the design suits the personality of the nurse, perfectly.


Speech Therapist Pathologist Bracelet

  1. Speech Pathologist Bracelet

This is the best item to celebrate a person who has decided to work in this field. The sound enhancing symbol on the bracelet reminds you of how much you contribute to the world by helping people who have speech problems. This bracelet is a great way to acknowledge and appreciate a pathologist's efforts.


Vet Technologist Horse Necklace

  1. Veterinary Technician Necklace

In a world dominated by humans, animals still play a major role among us either for companionship, entertainment or labor. There is a constant need to see to their health problems. Surprising a vet technician with this bracelet will be highly appreciated. The bracelet features a beautiful combination of a stethoscope, heartbeat and animal bone.

 Chiropractor Anatomy Skull Bone Bracelet

  1. Chiropractor Human Bone Bracelet

This is an exceptionally beautiful bracelet with a unique human skeleton. It is a golden colored handpiece which appears very delicate because of the bones. While you make efforts to succeed in your career, this beautiful necklace will motivate you to always put in your best!