Handmado Just Started!

Welcome to Handmado Family. My family were Gold and Silversmith since I was born. That means I was surrounded by jewelry for more than 35 years. My dad was a great jewelry crafter and also a DIY-er. When I was a kid, I learned some jewelry making when I'm free usually weekend or after school. Jewelry was the thing that I was borned into that environment and that was how my passion started on art. That's my root. When I was 14, I was also a doodle and I took classes on drawing and oil painting. A few years later when my school had a first computer class and I felt in love with it and finally I ended up in computer science. Yes! I love everything related to art and I love building as well especially the french architecture during the 16th century.

The year was 2009, the year when our handmade business got online. Handmado is not just a company that provide a wide range of jewelry selection and fashion accessories but we're a service company that will solve your needs. If you want to buy your love one, mom, sister, aunt, dad and you name it, a unique piece of jewelry as a gift, we're here to help out. Why unique gift? When I was a kid, I was trying to look around to get something for by mom's birthday and I wanted to surprise her but nothing went well. Later, I came out with an idea to make own gift. Finally, I made a gift card which was very simple, just a simple one will do with sentimental value and that change everything. Something that is unique is a key to happiness.

We're in the jewelry business for a decade, selling online and we have buyers from all over the world. We're expanding into offering more difference range of other items due to consumer demand and we're more than happy to serve them.

Our main focuses are 2 things. Providing a great quality jewelry and excellent customer service. After jewelry we made, we'll ensure it's in good shape before we ship it out to our customer. If you do not find anything in our store, no worry, feel free to drop us an email to discuss further how we can help you to produce something that you have in mind. Speed is important as well because we want to ensure all our customers to receive our items before the deadline.

Please do note that none of our items are from China. We do not get items, metal, craft supplies or others from China Factory. We're saying this not to say that China's products are bad. We are just stress on mass-production not just make sentimental value go downhill but it will kill it's uniqueness and creativity. All jewelry are made in-house at our private workshop. Due to the demand of other fashion accessories from our store, we do have other merchants who love to partner and they're from the United States and Europe. And Yes!, When I say 'United States' means the items are really made in United States locally. 

My mission is to bring happiness by delivering unique products to change people life. If at any point that you do not like our creation, feel free to contact us and we are glad to help you. On the other hand, we would love to see you wear it. Feel free to take a couple of shot of yourself wearing it and send it over to us.

Handmado Family Core Values: Boost happiness, love and be humble.